• Location:453-0042 Nagoya-shi, Nakamura-ku, Oaki-cho 4-47
  • Open:9:17 ~ 18:17
  • Phone:052-486-1888

Access by Subway

7 minutes walk from Honjin Station on the Higashiyama Line.

Nagoya Station – Subway Higashiyama Line (approx. 5 minutes) – Honjin Station –
7 minutes walk – Walk to Nagoya Main Store – Kohgen Nagoya Main Store.

Access by Car

Nagoya Station – Approx. 2km & 10 minutes – Kohgen Nagoya Main Store.

Free parking available (7 spaces). Please feel free to visit Kohgen by car.

Caution for car navigation systems.

Please use the following address for navigation systems: Nagoya-shi, Nakamura-ku, Oaki-cho 4-47.
Or, use the following phone number for location search: 052-486-7517.
※ Kohgen Nagoya Main Store’s front desk phone number (052-486-1888)may be unavailable in some navigation systems.

Access from Chubu Centrair International Airport

Chubu International Airport – Meitetsu Tokoname/Airport Line – Meitetsu Nagoya Station – Change Lines – Subway Higashiyama Line, Nagoya Station – Subway Higashiyama Line, Honjin Station – 7 minutes walk – Walk to Nagoya Main Store – Kohgen Nagoya Main Store

How to Walk to Nagoya Main Store

  • Starting from Honjin Station on the Subway Higashiyama Line, take Exit 4 and go up the stairs. On the left, you will see a large intersection named Torii-dori 2-chome (鳥居通り2丁目).

  • Cross the street using the longer crosswalk, towards the corner with the dry cleaning shop named Kyomachi-ya (京町屋).

  • After crossing the intersection, you will see a hair salon named “blue by rapture” in a blue building. Don’t use the crosswalk in front of the hair salon. Keep the hair salon on your right, and continue straight down the road.

  • You should soon see a 7-11 convenience store on the right, occupying a large corner. Continue straight down the road.

  • A few blocks down you will see a small intersection named Oaki-cho 4-chome (大秋町4丁目). Don’t go all the way to the stoplight. Turn left down a small street one block before the intersection.

  • You will soon see a large signboard that says KOHGEN (香源) on the right. You have reached Kohgen Nagoya Main Store.



〒453-0042 名古屋市中村区大秋町4-47
【 営業時間 】9:17~18:17
【  T E L  】 052-486-1888